AmericaPlast Classifeds, as a part of AmericaPlast RADAR, is being revamped to provide you an extraordinary Americaplast service. Stay tuned!


Americaplast Classifieds is a paid advertising section providing the most sophisticated and powerful Classifieds service available in the marketplace.

  • Multimedia advertisement
  • Picture gallery
  • Smart GPS advertisement showing shortest distance to suppliers
  • Direct contact messages
  • Introductory description when visitors stand over your company logo at the category table list
  • Full description for your products and your company at your exclusive company  classified site
  • Smart searching capability by category, region, etc.
  • Real time Hits information to track your visitors flow
  • Multiple categories posting for multi-product companies
  • Multiple language posting (FREE for 2 languages max., so you post 2  languages ads paying only 1)
  • Multiple links to your website page
  • Simultaneous posting at AmericaPlast NEWS's Classifieds section at no cost for you (2x1)
  • Regular posting on AmericaPlast TV at the  AmericaPlast Radar Channel for Platinum and Gold categories
  • Ready-to-use e-commerce capability and ready-to-use Auction functionality


Americaplast Classifieds service offers 5 different classifieds categories

Platinum category, 600 US$/semester: First position listed in your product category, Highlighted BackgroundBold posting, Framed posting, Special Offer posting

Gold category, 400 US$/semester: Highlighted BackgroundBold posting, Framed posting, Special Offer posting

Silver category, 200 US$/semester: Bold posting, Framed posting,

Bronze category, 100 US$/semester: Bold posting

Special category, 300 US$ semester: Bold posting, Framed posting, Special Offer posting 


CLICK HERE to buy your Classified at the  AmericaPlast Classifieds section