Maag, a Dover company and worldwide leading manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing and filtration systems, and pulverizers for demanding applications in the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, is pleased to announce that it will be attending the upcoming PlastIndia 2018, which will be held from Feb. 7-12, 2018, in the city of Gandhinagar in the western Indian state of Gujarat.


Visitors to Hall 08, Booth No. D61 will be able to join Maag in celebrating the one-year anniversary of its subsidiary location in Vadodara, India, which is located 400 kilometers north of Mumbai. This workshop was created to provide rotor-grinding and equipment-repair services, along with technical and process support, to the Indian market for the complete lines of gear pumps, screen changers, pelletizers and pulverizers that are offered by Maag, RE Scheer and Gala.


Additionally, Maag will be displaying a wide array of products at PlastIndia 2018, including:


•             PEARLO® Underwater Pelletizer: Designed to process spherical pellets for raw materials, compounds, masterbatches, engineered plastics, wood and naturally filled polymer composites, thermoplastics elastomers, hot-melt adhesives and gum bases at capacities up to 36,000 kg an hour.

•             Extrex® x6 Class Gear Pump: This pump has a new design that enables it to deliver needed volumetric efficiency at the highest counter pressures and with the lowest amount of shear stress. This results in reliable and gentle transfer, boosting and metering for a wide range of thermoplastic polymers, with no adverse affects on product quality.

•             Strand Pelletizer: The exhibited strand pelletizer builds on the standard-setting German Primo S strand pelletizer model with its innovative automated cutting chamber interlock system able to deliver increased performance, higher productivity and reliability, improved handling, greater flexibility and an optimized cost/benefit ratio in critical strand-pelletizing applications.

•             REX Tech Mill Stand Pulverizer: This lab-scale pulverizer is ideal for both ambient and cryogenic operation. It can service a wide variety of markets where top-quality sample powders are required, including engineered resins, rubber, adhesives, pharmaceuticals and food-grades.

•             Rotor Stands: Five different models of rotor stands will be on display: 600-mm cutting rotor, 30 teeth, tungsten-carbide clamped; 1,200-mm cutting rotor, 30 teeth, WX 01 hardened; 300-mm cutting rotor, 30 teeth, Stellite alloy; 900-mm cutting rotor, 30 teeth, Stellite alloy; and 400-mm cutting rotor, 32 teeth, tungsten-carbide brazed

•             CSC Series Cavity Columns: CSC Series piston-model screen changers will be on display with five typical filter-cavity configurations: CSC circular screen cavity; CSC-PE oval screen cavity for two times more filter area; CSC-R arched screen cavity for four times more filter area; CSC-D disc screen cavity for 12 times more filter area; and CSC-C candle screen cavity for 60 times more filter area. The range of cavities is available for all screen-changer sizes and for use in extrusion applications and large-scale polymer-production operations.

•             CSC-116/RS Screen Changer: Continuos double piston screen changer with arched breaker plates to enlarge the active filter surface up to 4x compare to former circular screens. This unique and patented design offers: CSC-116/RS with filter surface equal to CSC-176 and CSC-116/R with filter surface equal to CSC-230. The new CSC-R technology is available in all screen changer sizes for extrusion applications and large scale polymer production plants as well.

•             SGS 25 Strand Pelletizer: With more than 1,000 units currently in use, these cantilevered pelletizers have been designed to deliver reliable operation in the roughest production conditions. The sturdy and sophisticated design offers improved cleanability, making them the preferred pelletizer for master-batch and small-lot production runs.


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