KRAIBURG TPE expands its portfolio of flame retardant TPE compounds.

The new FR/AD1 flame retardant series features excellent adhesion to ABS and PC. The materials, which will be presented for the first time at K 2016, fulfill stringent requirements for elasticity, as well as the effectiveness of halogen-free fire prevention.

The demand for Thermoplastic Elastomers that meet high fire prevention standards for use in electrical installations is increasing. Due to the large market potential KRAIBURG TPE has expanded its portfolio to include another flame retardant series. In addition to the existing flame retardant series (the FR series) an expanded adhesive series will now be presented to industry experts at the international plastics fair K 2016. In 2-component injection molding, the TPEs of the FR/AD1 series enable adhesion of up to 3 N/mm to ABS and PC, as well as their blends. (Tested according to VDI Directive 2019)

Flame retardant materials from KRAIBURG TPE are exceptional because the TPE component creates a self-extinguishing reaction in case of fire and does not drip in melted state (Class V0). In addition, the Thermoplastic Elastomers feature outstanding mechanical properties with a Shore A hardness of 60, 70 and 80.

Fire prevention in electrical installations Flame retardant compounds from KRAIBURG TPE are used for example as seals for switch boxes, in connectors or flush-mounting boxes, and also for cable clips. The single components in such applications must comply with stringent fire prevention requirements to minimize the effects of fire and smoke. The material from KRAIBURG TPE is flame retardant in accordance with UL94 and is included in flammability class V0. The flammability class defines the flammability and the combustion characteristics of plastics on the basis of a test: a flame is directed at a defined specimen, which must self-extinguish within 10 seconds, with a maximum afterglow of 30 seconds. The new FR/AD1 series passes this test using a specimen with a thickness of 3 mm.

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