BOSCH Foresees its Future Smart City Solutions to Improve Environment, Mobility Efficiency, Security and Convenience.

Bosch is working to equip cities and neighborhoods for the future, offering smart mobility, better air quality, more convenience, greater security, and many new services.

According to the United Nations, two thirds of the global population will live in conurbations by 2050. Urbanization is increasing, and with it the challenges cities have to solve.

From January 9 to 12, the supplier of technology and services will be presenting many new solutions that make cities smart at CES 2018, 9-12 January 2018, Las Vegas,NV. The CES Show, produced by the Consumer Technology Association, is the world’s largest electronics show.

The solutions portfolio to be showcased by BOSCH at CES 2018 includes:

Climo microclimate monitoring system, a new compact unit that measures and analyzes air quality in real time

Pilot early warning solution, a system that digitally monitors river water levels and gives early warning of flood risks

Simplified community based parking solution for the searching of suitable parking space, a completely automatic parking space service that makes drivers’ lives easier.

Bosch DC microgrids, smart energy management solution to supply power to large buildings or building complex to reduce power consumption.

Bosch management board member Stefan Hartung said: “We need a new conception of the city. One key factor here is technologies that make cities smart and worth living in. In the long run, cities without intelligence will not survive, but succumb to gridlock.”

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